We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. We finally receive a respite from the usual bitter cold chill that a new year typically brings us and we are welcoming the trend with a mindful reality that El Niño has provided us with an unusually warm winter, so far.  Despite the elevated levels of Vitamin D and lack of upper arm strength that typically manifests from heaving droves of crusty, heavy snow from the edges of our driveways, we are so thankful and hopeful for what comes our way this year.

First things first, we were extremely fortunate to begin the new year with a feature on a local news station’s evening programming about a project Rick began cultivating roughly 5 years ago about a traveling aquarium designed for use in hospitals.  Many thanks go out to everyone who has helped coax this project along from an idea, to a national reality.  With continued help from our good friends and colleagues in Chicago, Something Fishy, and the design team from our neighbors, Marine Ecological Habitats.  Also many thanks to a certain someone who took it upon herself to call WCSH6 to get this program featured on “207”… know who you are, and you deserve a paid position on our marketing team! Thank you, Mom.

Despite ongoing legislation and opposition to our ornamental fish and aquarium industry, many new and exciting breakthroughs have been made thanks to the unwavering dedication to solving one of our industries “unsolved puzzles” thus being the captive breeding of a marine icon, the Hawaiian Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens).  HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE and may provide a viable resource to the public, in an ongoing view towards sustainability and featuring education and conservation, hand in hand.

See? Not all you hear above in the news is doom ‘n gloom! Rick is planning another trip to the Caribbean to study a seemingly threatened endemic species with the hopes of industry support and possible re-populazation (is that a word?) of the Exuma Goby.

We have been very busy with ongoing projects, new accounts, and an ever vigilant eye towards improving older systems to continue years of success. We are busier than ever, and hope to share a positive attitude with our beloved clentele for the foreseeable future! Happy 2016, from NEAS.